SCCT Japan International Regional Committee

第1回SCCT研究会 プログラム


日 時:
2007年9月29日(土) 14:00~18:00
会 場:




● Welcome (Poon / Kuribayashi)

  1. Introduction of SCCT and its activities
    --------- (Poon) 20min
  2. Coronary CT Angiography: Protocols, Techniques, Results
    --------- (Jinzaki) 20min
  3. Changing Role of Cardiac CT in Clinical Practice of Ischemic Heart Disease
    --------- (Kondo) 15min
  4. Coronary CT in the Evaluation of Acute Chest Pain in Emergency Room
    --------- (Raff) 20min
  5. Plaque Characterization by CT: New Technologies and Methods
    --------- (Komatsu) 15min




  1. Role of CT and Nuclear Imaging in Assessment of Ischemic Heart Diseases
    --------- (Ziffer) 20min
  2. Assessment of Myocardial Viability and Perfusion by CT
    --------- (Lima) 20min
  3. Myocardial Perfusion Assessment by First-pass Cardiac CT
    --------- (Koyama) 15min
  4. "Dynamic Cardiac CT": Valves Assessment: Clinical Role of CT
    --------- (Niinuma) 15min
  5. Cardiovascular Applications of 256-row MDCT
    --------- (Mochizuki) 15min
  6. Future Directions and Prospects of Cardiac CT
    --------- (Kuribayashi) 15min


●PANEL DISCUSSION: Collaboration US-Japan 20min



SCCT研究会 事務局